Cleaning Up After A Storm

Living in Florida we are accustom to severe weather and the toll it has on our trees. From the random afternoon thunderstorm, to hurricanes and tornados our trees take a beating. That is why it is so important to be vigilant after a severe storm, just because your tree didn’t not topple over doesn’t mean that damage did not occur. After any severe storm if you notice anything that does not seem normal such as, soil erosion, a tree leaning, fallen limbs or tree you should contact an emergency tree service company ASAP. It is better to be safe and call on the services of a certified Arbortist who can assess your trees and let you know the best route to take.

After a severe storm below are a few steps you should take when walking your property:

Evaluate the Damage

Safety should always be your top priority. After a storm our first instinct is to go outside and start cleaning up the mess right away. Prior to yard cleanup your first step should be assessing your trees. If you notice anything out of the ordinary such as tree roots that are exposed, a tree leaning, or cracks in your trees trunk you should contact a Jacksonville tree service company right away. They can come to your property and let you know what the best and safest route to take for you and your family.

If you have a tree that has fallen on your property then you will need the assistance of a tree removal company. Since they deal with many insurance companies, they can work with you and give you advice and insurance assistance.

Be Careful

Once you have assessed your properties damage and find everything to be safe you can begin the cleanup process. It is recommended you only cleanup small debris and never try and tackle a leaning or severely damage tree. If you have to cut larger limbs or you wish to tackle a fallen tree safety equipment is recommended. Always wear safety gasses, gloves and make sure you know your surroundings. When working with a chain saw make sure there is no one around you and work slowly and deliberately to make sure you and everyone around you stays safe.

We recommend you contact a tree removal company to remove any fallen or damaged trees on your property. Tackling the removal of a tree on your own is extremely dangerous and should be left to the professionals. At Custom Tree Surgeons we specialize in tree removal services. We have the right equipment and experienced personnel to handle any size job.

Choosing a Professional Arborist in Jacksonville

You should never try cutting your own trees. Always hire a licensed and experienced tree service company in Jacksonville. Custom Tree Surgeons has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the largest tree service companies in Northeast Florida. If you need a professional opinion on your trees health, or have a fallen tree that needs removal call us today (904) 292-9226.

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