Forecasting Tree Failure

Tree Inspections

No one can ever predict when a tree will fall; however there are some tell-tale warning signs that will help you better recognize that a tree has the potential to fail. If you notice any of these hazards you will want to contact an arborist in Jacksonville to help you better identify whether or not the tree is dangerous to you and your family, by conducting tree inspections.

Tree Hazard Identification

There are over 100 fatalities each year from falling limbs or trees. These fatalities are due to a trees proximity to a target or something of value (i.e: building, person, vehicle, etc…).  If an injury or death occurs, the majority of states hold the property owner responsible. As a homeowner or business owner you are responsible to have your tree inspected and identify situations that could be dangerous to yourself and others.

If you have a tree in the path of a target, it is best to address the situation as soon as possible. If you are unsure if your tree could pose a risk it is important to contact a Jacksonville arborist to inspect your tree. They will look for several indicators when inspecting your trees (dead branches, missing bark, deep cracks, leaning trees-heavy soiling, and root decay).

Below are some of the more common hazardous conditions to look for:

Dead Branches:

Dead limbs are an extreme hazard, due to that fact that they are brittle and the slightest thing can cause them to fall. They are called “Widowmakers” for a reason. If a tree has multiple dead branches, this could be a sign that the tree is dying or is in poor health. If you have dead branches they should be removed immediately to protect you from any accidents and liability.

Missing Bark/Deep Cracks:

If you notice a tree that has missing bark, is gashed or indented this is an indication of weakness. Those areas could fail and cause the tree to break and fall.

Leaning Tree:

Every tree is unique and grows in different directions. Not all trees grow in perfect vertical alignment. In the event you have a tree that is leaning it could be cause for concern. Leaning trees could indicate weakness in the roots. If you notice cracked or  heavy soiling on the opposite side of where the lean is occurring, or exposed roots around the tree you will want a licensed tree service company to further inspect.

Root Decay:

This is the hardest to identify, however if you notice mushrooms near or at the base of the tree, or mushrooms growing in the trunk, it could mean the tree is rotting. There are also above ground clues that can indicate poor root conditions: discoloration of leaves, stunted growth and thin crowns.

No living organism is predictable. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or you feel something may be wrong with your trees, don’t hesitate, contact a Jacksonville tree company today. Protecting your property and your family is your top priority.

Jacksonville Tree Service Company

Custom Tree surgeons is a licensed arborist who has been servicing northeast FL for over 30 years. If you would like a professional opinion regarding your trees health and options to protect yourself and your property contact us now for our tree inspections service (904) 292-9226.

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