Importance Of Having Your Trees Trimmed

Proper pruning is the foundation of an awe inspiring landscape and better maintenance of trees. Pruning takes care of the health of your trees on your property. While trees in the forest grow and prosper without any intervention by arborists, it is important to note that trees maturing in close proximity to the hustle and bustle of boulevards, parks and properties require pruning. It is important so that any impeding danger because of the limbs, branches, and pests can be averted. It is essential that the surrounding trees are strong, well-maintained, and in the best health conditions and remain restricted to the designated space. Here are a several reasons to help you understand the importance of tree trimming.

Pruning Enhances the Aesthetic Appeal of the Trees

Pruning is done to enhance and beautify the foliage even more. Overgrown trees have improper structure of canopies and limbs. Trimming these magnifies the aesthetic charm of the trees.

Pruning Is Important for Safety

While limbs are pruned for beauty and health, sometimes it is necessary to cut them because they may pose a significant risk to a home, building or family. So trees require pruning for safety and protection. Decayed branches hovering over the house, parking areas or playgrounds can fall which can cause damage to property and life. Also removing excess weight off of branches can help a tree better survive wind and rain storms.

Structural Pruning and Increased Rate of Growth

Trees need to be maintained for growth. Cropping and thinning trees promotes growth. Pruning determines the way a tree develops. Proper pruning of young trees makes the structure more robust and maintains structural integrity.  If you prune the trees right from the beginning, you will not encounter corrective pruning issues later on as the tree matures. Pruning alleviates the risk of fallen limbs and branches and ensures there is no inappropriate weight distribution.

Pruning Makes Trees Healthy

If the trees have decaying or diseased branches, pruning is required. Pruning can also solve sunlight issues as it increases the exposure to the gleaming rays of the sun. It also helps in assisting in better air circulation throughout the canopy. Pruning also helps manage pests that live off of or in dead or decaying limbs. Insects on your property are a serious concern. Colonizing insects may not necessarily kill the tree but they can disseminate diseases and weaken their structure increasing the chance of falling branches.

Pruning Increases the Life of Trees

Those trees that are pruned timely tend to have longer lives than the ones which are not trimmed. There are specific ways in which you can prune the trees so that they can endure the harsh environmental conditions that we experience in North Florida such as hurricanes, severe thunder storms and wind storms.

Jacksonville Tree Trimming Company

Custom Tree Surgeons is a Certified Arborist in Jacksonville FL that specializes in tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and emergency tree service. If you are in need of tree trimming service call us today for a free consultation (904) 292-9226.

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