Why You Should Leave Tree Work To the Professionals

Hiring a professional Jacksonville Tree Service company can seem like an unnecessary expense. However the costs definitely outweigh the risks. Trying to tackle a tree trimming or tree removal project on your own can be extremely dangerous, and in the end could cost you significantly more in time, effort, money and injury.

As a homeowner your priority is to protect your investment. This is why hiring a licensed arborist for tree service is imperative. Here are 3 reasons you should hire a professional tree service company versus tacking the job on your own.

Knowledge and Training

Safety is always the top priority for any tree service professional. If you are not in the industry you are unaware of the safety requirements, tree physics and biology, the right gear and how to properly trim or remove a tree.

Let’s take felling a tree as an example. It is not as simple as just cutting through the base. You have to figure out the drop zone, make accurate cuts and at times guiding the tree with ropes to the correct spot. Unfortunately many homeowners when attempting this type of cut are injured and at times killed.

Additional hazards may be present that a novice would not know how to spot (rotten trunks or limbs, diseased tree, pest infestation, etc…).

Lack of Situational Awareness

If you are a homeowner that is experienced with trees, you could still fall victim to additional hazards.

Some of the more common hazards related to tree work are electrical cables. In Jacksonville a lot of trees grow near and tangle themselves in power lines. Every year tree workers are seriously injured or killed when they accidentally come in contact with a live wire. Steering clear of this hazard is tricky, even for experienced arborists. By no means should this ever be attempted by a homeowner.

DIY tree work is difficult enough, however going at it alone makes it that much more dangerous. When cutting a tree without the help of others can hinder your situational awareness. Always have others present to help you, even professionals work in teams.

Improperly Using Tools

Individuals who use defective or complex tools may hurt themselves or others. A typical homeowner does not use chain saws, ladders, harnesses, etc… on a daily basis so this can lead to misuse or improper technique, in turn increasing your chance of injury when cutting a tree.

Misuse of a chain saw is extremely dangerous. The most common mistake by most homeowners is using dull chainsaw to cut a tree. The individual will have to exert a lot more effort and pressure for the chainsaw to cut, which can cause the operator to lose control. Another common mistake is cutting branches on the ground. The chainsaw can get pinched or kickback causing serious injury to the individual.

Another very common tool that causes a significant amount of injuries is ladders. Using a ladder that is not tall enough or unstable can cause the homeowner to fall. Often time’s ladders are knocked out from under the individual by the same limb the individual just cut.

There are many tools used by professionals that the average homeowner will not have access too: (Wood Chippers, Aerial Lifts, Cranes, and Professional Grade Chainsaws, harnesses, etc…). All of these tools are used to get the job done efficiently and most important to keep everyone safe.

Jacksonville Tree Service Company

Are you in need of Jacksonville tree service for your home or business? Hiring the professionals at Custom Tree Surgeons is the best way to ensure the job is done efficiently, safely and correctly. If you would like a free quote call us today at (904) 292-9226.

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