Signs You May Have A Sick Tree

Symptoms of A Sick Tree

Dead, decaying and sick trees are the reason for tragic deaths, devastating injuries and catastrophic property damage. They are also responsible for insect infestation and spreading of diseases. So you should constantly be on a lookout for symptoms and signs that mean that your trees are sick in order to evade potential hazards caused by sick trees. This blogs aims to assist you in examining the trees on your property and identifying major symptoms and signs of tree sickness:

1.     Dead Wood

If you discover that the branches break or bend without any difficulty whenever the wind blows, or the wood chips away easily, beware that the wood is rotting. Dead branches are easily observed as they are the ones without foliage. Also the bark falls off if the branches have died a long time ago. The best thing to do in this situation is pruning. However, if the tree is in really bad shape, you might have to have the tree removed. This is where the consultation of a certified arborist can help guide you to the best course of action.

2.     Cracks and Splits

Discovering cracks and splits on the trees is not always a dire sign that the tree is dead. Cracks and splits can occur do to temperature fluctuations, an injury to a tree or rapid growth however it is always best to get a professional opinion. If you notice an cracks or splits in your trees contact a certified arborist.

3.     Spots of Rot ad Decay

A tree that is sick will display visible signs of decay and rot. Once you see crumbling wood, mushroom and fungi growth, it is obvious that the tree is rotting internally.

4.     Improper Mulching

Improper mulching may also cause the tree to die. This happens because of applying too much mulch around the tree and covering up the places which are supposed to get exposed to air in normal conditions. If you over mulch around the bark, you block air flow, thus providing an environment of too much moisture which can rot the tree. If you see the tree growing adventitious roots, it means that the mulch is not proper. If these are overlooked, then they can girdle the tree.

5.     Insect Infestation

Insects can be deadly to trees. Watch out for sawdust, around the tree base as it is an indication that the tree is infested by carpenter ants. Keep ants and termites away from the trees on your property.

6.     Discoloration

If the leaves and flowers discolor, it means that the tree is diseased. If young leaves on the shoots become yellow at the upper end, and then become white at the veins, it could indicate iron deficiency. If the older leaves turn light green and then yellow, it means that the plant is deficient of nitrogen. Defoliation, spots and discoloration of leaves of deciduous trees could also suggest that the trees are diseased with anthracnose.

7.     Early Seasonal Changes

If the trees display early signs of seasonal changes, you should be on high alert as this is abnormal behavior. It means that the tree is sick and needs immediate attention of an arborist.

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